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Did you know it can require up to 60 roses for the creation of a single drop of rose oil?  The process is extremely labor-intensive, time-consuming and requires a level of farming precision that leads to one of the most expensive essential oils on the planet.  This oil is the key ingredient in S2O products and we are delighted to bring them to your doorstep.  We want to ensure that our clients receive an incredible experience with every purchase, so if you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is rose otto?

Learn the difference between otto and absolute.

Pure & Organic

Oil extrated by gentle steam distillation (w/out the use of a chemical solvent).

What is rose absolute?

Learn the difference between otto and absolute.

Extracted by A Chemical Solvent

The process creates a greater yield than the distillation process resulting in a less expensive oil.

How many roses in a bottle?

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480 Roses

Every. Single. Rose.  Is hand-picked from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

What kind of rose produces the oil?

There is only one rose on the planet that produces this oil

The Rose Damascena

The rose Damascena is a hybrid that grows best in the conditions offered by the Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

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